We Lease and Invest
in the future of Cryptocurrency.



Mining Together

We Manage it for you...
We've seen the need for Investors that are more hands on and want to be true Miners, but do not have all of our wisdom and experience in Mining Bitcoin and Altcoins so, we manage the rigs in our farms working together with you.
Turn Key Operation.  

Miner plus PSUs plus Hosting. 

The Lease option is a 1 year lease for the all inclusive cost.  You get ALL of the profits of the miner directly from the miner to your pool to your wallet.  This is a full service mining operation.  If the miner has any problems / downtime, it will be replaced for a new one at no cost. 

Order Now and Start Mining.

First Come First Serve.   This deal will not last.

LEASING = The ​​​​​​​Ultimate Package
Miner + PSU + Hosting = $4,400 USD/CC/BTC

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How It Works:​​​

  1. Step 1 -Lease The Equipment
    We lease the Mining Equipment to you on a 1 year contract. There are many different types of Mining Equipment with different efficiencies along with Good and Bad Companies and equipment that go along with mining. The complexities of programming, psu's, wires, voltages, cooling and maintenance are all taken care of for you.
  2. Step 2 -Setup Pools
    We help you setup your pool for you. We monitor pools on a constant basis finding the most efficient pools. We also make sure that all of the mining configurations are established along with your email and payout address are programmed.
  3. Step 3 -Setup Wallets
    We help setup your wallets. We inform you of which wallets we use and why. What is the security of the wallets and is there support for each. We help you backup your wallets and make sure that they are encrypted.
  4. Step 4 -Service Fee
    You keep all of the Mining Rewards / Profitability. Your monthly service fees are all taken care of; no electric cost, no maintenance cost, cooling cost. We do all of the work for you. All you have to do is reap the rewards from your miner(s).
  5. Step 5 -Training for Actual Use
    You get our Experience. We teach you in how to use Bitcoin / Altcoins in a day to day setting. We Live Crypto - Really! Pay bills, groceries, gas, entertainment. You can too.
  6. Step 6 -Ongoing Support
    We live Mining. We are exited about Mining and helping others Mine with us. We have open texts, email and phone calls with the people that we work with in the Mining community. We do believe honesty and information is the key to our success.