We Lease and Invest
in the future of Cryptocurrency.



​​Taking the complexity out of Bitcoin Mining.

25% ROI

  1. Invest with Mint Mining?
    We have been wildly successful for over 4 years in the Crypto World and want others to join us in a venture to GROW. We are considered Veterans in Cryptocurrency and are welcoming you to join the new way of doing business.
  2. Investment
    In a Nutshell it is 25% return on investment. You invest in Mint Mining's Mining Operations and we provide returns on investment, plain and simple.
  3. Investment Details
    1 Year Term Investment Investment will correspond with difficulty and also with the rise of btc price.   Returns on Investment start after the miners have started hashing.
Example Investment   ROI @ after 12 months
 $2,000.00         $2,500.00
 $4,000.00         $5,000.00
 $6,000.00         $7,500.00
 $8,000.00           $10,000.00
 $10,000.00        $12,500.00
 $20,000.00        $25,000.00
 $40,000.00        $50,000.00
 $50,000.00        $62,500.00
 $60,000.00        $75,000.00
 $80,000.00          $100,000.00
 $100,000.00       $125,000.00
 $150,000.00       $187,500.00

We want to Grow with You.


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Keeping in Touch

All you have to do is invest.  Simple.  No buying machines, wires, routers, cables, electric,.....Just Investing.  Simple.
We can talk and find out the details of the operation, how it works, our integrity with other customers.
We believe that this is the NUMBER 1 asset to the organization.  Keeping in touch with the customer and letting them updated on any information and that THE CUSTOMER is IMPORTANT!