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Mint Mining - Bitcoin Mining Farms

Our Farm has grown to incorporate the latest in mining equipment.  The new Mining Farm's hashrate increases constantly and is growing to provide profitability.  In the picture of our basement farm, we were running with switches, multiple  PSUs, Cat5, 220vac, 110vac and a LOT OF HEAT!  With the expansion to another location to have more room to grow, security  and generate more effiicient electrical costs combined with reliability, network and electrical redundancy.  We maintain our basement farm primarily for testing and evaluation of Altcoin mining.  see our MintMiner .    

We have top of the line technology in both locations.
About Our Bitcoin Mining Farms

Our farms have been running since early 2015 and we have been growing ever since.  Lets take a look inside.
Our Beginnings:

This was our Basement Bitcoin Mining Farm that we had before we moved to our new facility.  This is where it all began.  It started with 1 miner for testing and evaluation that lead to 26 miners.  Then, we upgraded all of our miners to the latest mining equipment and this is a depiction of 12 of those miners upgraded miners.  Mint Mining LLC has since expanded our operation to our new location in an undesclosed location for better electric costs and security  and have also increased our hashing power immensly.
We have now expanded to Altcoins and now sell a
Super Mining RIG called the MintMiner .  Go to the MintMiner  Page to see the best mining equipment on the market today .
Are you interested in Bitcoin or Altcoin Mining?  
We can help you get started in Mining.

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